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Dave Moran is originally from England. He now lives in Florida and appeared regularly on "Read To Me," a local TV Show that promoted reading to children.
He performed many of his own songs and stories. The show ran for eight years. Dave Moran Photo


His work has also been shown on the BBC and ITV Networks in the U.K.   He wrote stories, scripts and music for an animated cartoon series called "Tube Mice." The series was shown in the U.K. and 19 other countries. 


Dave Moran is also a Teaching Artist in elementary schools. He has developed a writing program that teaches young children how to write a short story. The program has a strong musical content. 


Dave’s CD “Sing along, Move along” has been a favorite in S.W. Florida classrooms for over 10 years. One song, “Bubbles,” won an Honor Award in the 2003 Great American Song Contest. 


Most days of the week Dave is performing his songs in schools and daycares and is currently working on two new CD’s. One album will be original Christian kid’s songs.  


Good songs last forever, as if to prove that point, two songs have been taken from his album and released on a compilation album set, due out 2008. 


Dave’s song writing is reminiscent of the sixties pop era with fun and catchy songs that simply just make you feel good. 

Contact: mrdavemoran@gmail.com 

Listen To Mr.Dave Moran


    It's Your Birthday.

    One Little Gator.

    In My Tree.

    I Like To Sleep.


    Time To Tidy Up.

    If We Didn't Have Rain.


    Yum! Yum! Yum!

    Albert (The Silly Cat).

    Music In My Ears.

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Mr Dave Moran Kids Songs
It's Your Birthday
One Little Gator
In My Tree
I Like to Sleep
Bubbles Kids Song
Time To Tidy Up
If We Didn't Have Rain
Yum Yum Yum
Albert The Silly Cat
Music In My Ears
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